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a missionary pursuing, encouraging, and equipping college students to live the gospel and love their fellow students

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According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, 1 in 3 college students will experience a significant struggle with depression and anxiety.  My hope is to show college students the love of the Father and the hope they can have in His son Jesus. The goal is to help build and foster a community centered around loving God and loving people. My part in this is disciplining young men in one-on-ones and small groups and helping to unify the church in Lawrence in prayer and worship. My experience with students has shown that despite how connected their college world appears, many are silently suffering in a pit of loneliness and depression. Our hope is to combat the spiritual darkness in Lawrence, and help students realize their worth and value in this world.

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I'm Zak

In 2011, I attended a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) base in Kona, Hawaii. That season of my life drastically impacted the trajectory of my future. I spent 2 years training and learning about the bible and what it means to follow Jesus. I now have the amazing opportunity to serve the college students at the University of Kansas. I was introduced to KU Campus Christians (KUCC) in December of 2016 where I have been growing and serving. We actively organize events on campus and engage with students - prioritizing the cultivation of meaningful relationships to effectively serve in this distinct academic and social environment.


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